EZYWalker has been developed by people with over fifty years experience in working with and training horses. They share your passion for horses. Every trainer knows that exercise is the most important part of achieving and keeping horses in peak condition and fitness and as the saying goes “You have to walk before you can run” EZYWalker horse exercise machines will take the hard work out of your training and exercise program. Because the machines are fully automated they ensure horses get a thorough and consistent workout whilst improving management efficiency by cutting labour costs.

The machines are built by horseman for horseman with the safety of both the horse and handler in mind. They are suitable for racehorses, standard breeds, western, pleasure and endurance breeds, to name but a few.

To accommodate owners and trainers differing requirements EZYWalker comes in various sizes. From 4 horse capacity, 12 metres diameter to 12 horse capacity, 24 metres diameter. We can also custom build to suite specific needs and site requirements. And because EZYWalker machines are prefabricated they are easily transported and are simple and quick to erect. For example, an 8 horse machine will take two men approximately 8 hours to erect.

Made from heavy duty galvanized steel box section, EZYWalker horse exercise machines are extremely robust and built to last. The race is 1.6 metres high and comes complete with split belt lining.

The EZYWalker fully sealed shaft driven drive mechanism is super quiet, requires virtually no maintenance and operates on single phase power supply.

A gate to the centre is provided to make access for weeding and cleaning easy. EZYWalker is also fitted with a water sprinkler system to keep dust to a minimum and can be fitted with an optional engineered roof. For price, safety, efficiency EZYWalker stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Innovative Patent Number: 2006100077