Gary Turkington

Robert Heathcote


"I thoroughly recommend an Ezywalker to any horse person as a time saving device. No more walking horses out individually after work. It's straight on to the Ezywalker while I'm getting the next one ready to work. My Ezywalker is now an integral part of my training regime. I couldn't imagine training horses without one now. Cost efficient, simple and practical design. There are less wearing parts, so there's less maintenance. Finally a simple machine!”

Kylie Rasmussen


“There's no doubt that the investment Tracey and I have just made with the purchase of the Ezywalker will prove to be one of our better choices. We break in and prepare young horses for Trainers and the labour saving costs alone are enormous. The Ezywalker is both safe and easy to use. The prospect of having a horse injured whilst being exercised on this machine is absolutely minimal. The machine itself is not big and bulky and has a real streamlined look.”

Phillip and Tracey Wolfgram

Innovative Patent Number: 2006100077